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I started Redeemed Creations Co in 2014 as a custom woodworking shop where we focused on using reclaimed lumber that was harvested from local barns and would use it to create large custom furniture.  After moving and losing my woodshop, I was looking for something new to make...this is how I found leathercraft. I have always loved leather goods and making things with my hands. Leather, just like wood, starts as something that is simple and ordinary, but with creativity, time and the right tools it is redeemed into something amazing. 

Redeemed Creations Co is all about quality USA made goods.  Everything that you see has been hand made from start to finish with some of the highest quality materials that you can buy.  We hand cut, hand sew and hand finish every piece for you. We want to ensure that you will not only love your new leather goods but that it will last for years to come.

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